2017 Eastern Boats Center Console 248

Center Console 248

Eastern's 248 Center Console offers the kind of powerful hull you'll see around town docks along the Maine coast. They're "island boats," fit for hauling people, groceries, and other necessities to island cottages in all weather. With her 8-foot-6-inch beam and Armstrong transom bracket, she offers comfortable seating with classic striped cushions in front of the console, in a "V-berth" abaft her proud bow, and astern across her full transom. A folding bow dodger protects people sitting forward, while a hard T-top protects the skipper and companion. The 37-inch-wide console holds a changing room with portable toilet and adult-sized headroom

So how much power does this rig require? Try a strong 150-hp four-stroke outboard, half what her competitors require. She can run efficiently at a wide range of speeds, thanks to her Downeast workboat hull with flat run aft and keel. The skipper can throttle up in calm water or back off for comfortable running in slop. She runs solid and stable underway, with engine trim and transom trim tabs to fine-tune her running attitude to load and conditions.

And by the way, if Eastern's 248 Center Console offers this range of basic values, how good a job will she do as a family day boat, a race committee boat, or a fishboat? Yes, she can serve all those purposes, looking good in the process, and she won't spend a lot of time at the fuel dock. You don't need to own an island to find great uses for her.


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  • Length Overall : 24'
  • Beam : 8′ 6″
  • Draft : 15″
  • Freeboard : 24″
  • Weight : 1,985lbs
  • Transom : 25″
  • Recommended Horsepower : 150HP